Tuesday, February 26, 2019

book review {jan}

As promised I was going to give you my own personal review on... Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis. Please remember this is my review... Everyone interprets self help/messages differently. Which I love! 

OK! Here I go...  I liked this book! It was an easy basic book to read. What suckered me in was her humor and her realism with everything. She didn't sugar coat anything and of course she made you crack up reading it. Kind of felt like you were right next to her throughout her ups and downs. The one main thing that really hit home to me was how honest she was. She has fallen many many times {we all have} in everything in life, but she manages to just get back up and keep going. When she's down she pushes harder. When she makes a mistake she fixes it... And keeps going again and again! Everything she does, its for herself and no one else. She makes a commitment to what she wants to do and goes for it. Its 100% obvious she's a type A person. Rachel constantly has to be doing something. But she's learned to say no, She's learned to do less... Well, she kind of had to {read the book and you will see why}. I'm assuming your getting the point of what type of person she is.... A GO GETTER! She doesn't make any excuses of being a working mom... She loves both worlds. I think in society working moms have been frowned upon... But in today's society people are realizing that's not practical. If anyone wants to work and they're good at it... Go for it! Why should a woman only stay home and watch the kids? Why? I love working and staying home with my little's. I've been so lucky that I can do both. I think that's amazing. Rachel puts off the message that do what you love in life... Happiness will follow you and you will definitely put off more positive vibes. Love that! Once again, I think today's society {Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook} say's we all have to do everything perfectly. OH NO we don't... I want to meet that person! Call me when you find her or him.   

I don't really have anything bad to say about this book. Any book that's encouraging anyone is a winner to me! No matter how many times you read "any" self-help books you will always pick something out of it that will help you in that moment of your life. I'm a huge believer in laughter... I love to laugh. Actually, I believe people who laugh and are fun and are the key to a perfect world. That's me! So when you're down and out, go rise up and kick butt! Hello we all have problems that's called life, its how we handle them is the true lesson here. We all need to realize that their is a light at the end of the tunnel and we all will be OK in the end. Rachel sure does preach that! Go get this book... You will laugh, enjoy it and even kick a little butt when reading it!  

I give this book an A review

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