Friday, March 1, 2019

book # 3 {march 2019}

Book # 3... In march is {my pick}... So for March the book will be... St. Agnes' Stand, by Tom Eidson.  I bet you all are reading this name and saying... Hmmm where have I heard that name before?! OK Truth it's my Uncles Toms book {my moms brother}. I have a little confession... I have read bits and pieces of it. I was young when he wrote it... So a bazillion years later the guilt really is kicking in and I must read it to be able to sit at my uncles kitchen table ever again! lol The guilt of all the lies of saying I 100% completed the book is too hard to bare anymore. I can't even tell you how many times I got up to use the bathroom while the family discussed it. Too many to count! I'm such a bad niece! But on the flip side... I'm making amends and going to read it from start to finish! And yes I will call my Uncle after and tell him the truth.  So rustic rooster book club readers get reading! This one I need us all to discuss together right after!!!!!

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