Friday, August 11, 2017

for sale

OK timing really is everything! So with that said, the time is just right for me to sell the Volvo. Out wth the old, in with the new! I need a change! Since I have so much positive change happening in my life I thought it would be a great idea to sell my car and start making more fabulous memories in a new car. So If YOU or if you know of anyone that is interested in a 2008 Volvo V70 please let me know {}. I can't even tell you how solid this car is. I can load so much in it and it's beyond reliable. Of course it has normal wear and tear, but over all it looks fabulous! FYI I have never been in an accident in it. Oh and they don't make this model anymore... So technically I have something very special! Do I call it a classic car? haha I haven't posted this car on any sights... So you get first right of refusal {wink}!  

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