Saturday, August 5, 2017

do it

Seriously, I WANT all of these items. Ok, OK, OK... I "would like" all of these items! J-Crew has a fabulous new line out! Everything looks so cute! I've been seeing this navy floral eyelet top all over Instagram. Isn't it fun and flirty... The only thing I've noticed is, it looks a little short in the torso. I'm 40+ and short shirts don't fly with me. Could you see me in a crop top? Ya not happening! If anyone has it, please let me know if its a comfortable length... I'm holding off on buying any new clothes for a little while. I want to get this remodel behind me and my clothes moved back in to my new closet, before I get anything else.  Ever since I had to dive into my clothes {really did} to move them out of my room and into another I realized I have so many items that I need to start wearing again. Its kind of exciting, but slightly overwhelming. I'm challenging myself to put something new on everyday. It could be earrings, shoes to a new hat... But it has to be something I haven't worn in ages. Are you all up for the challenge? Do it!

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