Friday, June 18, 2010

swim taylor... swim

My husband & I realized that our daughter needs boot camp swimming lessons... She's 4 & hasn't crossed over in the swimming department yet. Taylor's pretty much 95% swimming on her own, but just not 100%. I've been taking her to a very wonderful swim school since she was 6 months old... It finally kicked in... Hello they're a business they need her to stay at their school so they can make money too. {duh I'm a business owner} OK, I'll cut to the chase... I got this flyer from Taylor's pre-school on 6 classes, private lessons & they will be swimming. I jumped at it! Here we go...

Taylor & I were so excited to go to her swim class on Tuesday... We drove down Union Street in Encinitas to a private home for her private swim lessons... I had no expectations at all. OH MY GOSH...

I drove up to this very old home... Hmmm is this the address... I kept saying to Taylor. I parked the car started walking up the drive way to ring the doorbell. It looked like some one very old lived there. I figured they would be up... Taylor's saying, Ahhhh mom this is HI...LAAAA...RIAS {hilarious}! I'm cracking up because of her & this situation I just got myself into. I looked at Taylor again & said," Babe were on an adventure together... This is FUN!" Then we giggled.

Well, a lady ran a round the corner saying...OH don't ring the doorbell. I froze & apologized. Then she asked me where did I park my car? I pointed she said, oh no move it... Didn't you see the sign.

This sign was so small.... at the end of a dirt lot. Sorry... Maybe I need glasses. LOL

So we walked through this dirt & straw field. I'm dying of laughter at this point {of course to myself}

Walked through this gate... Oh My!

Then I saw this... OK Taylor here's your adventure! By the way the swim instructor is actually a doll! She then asked me to help pull the cover off. lol

I looked over & saw this... I guess it was fun when the wood wasn't rotted.

Taylor was ready to go... With goggles & her new bathing suit! Looking hot miss T!!!!

They practiced & practiced & practiced...

She was having a blast... OK If she's happy, I'm happy!

Then she was pretty much swimming all by herself on her second class in the first 5 minutes. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA {proud momma moment}
She was freezing... But crazy blogging momma had to get one more shot!

By the way the home owner, Mrs. Larson who is 85... Owns acres on union street. Her grandmother built this house. She's a riot! She talked my ear off {insert smokers voice here, no joke!}... Taylors entire lesson. I was at first annoyed, but remembered life is an adventure run with it. I still watched Taylor as she chatted about her international dining club she's in. Hello let me remind you again, she 85 years old. That's awesome! You Go Mr. Larson. I hope I'm like her at that age... {wearing blue glass dolphoin earrings, a blue dolphin t-shirt, leggings & crocks.}

After Taylor 2nd lesson... I noticed this. I want it. Do you think I should ask her if I could buy it from her? hmmmm

I think the lesson on this post is.... You can't judge a book by it's cover! Try something new everyday... Make your life an adventure & have fun. Taylor & I are having a BLAST.... Happy summer!


  1. that is hilarious! she WILL totally remember this moment..AWESOME!
    I think i was thrown in the river and it was like sink or swim..!

  2. Our little town never ceases to amaze me...we've got some real characters here.
    Great story.

  3. you are oh so brave.. i would have been so sketched out haha! i love how you kept with it and found such an amazing lady and home. what a hilarious adventure! especially the part when you had to help take off the pool cover. i love this lady already! yay for taylor swimming! and you should totally ask for that ceramic crock. love it!!

  4. That is funny. It looks like your out in Valley Center not Encinitas. So what is the magic behind her teaching. Abi is still not swimming, Cliffs not even close. I have them on an intense swim lesson schedule this summer to get them swimming. If they are not, I will need this ladies number :)

  5. That is too funny! Sounds like you two had a fun time and T can swim!! That's awesome:)

  6. OMG!!!! LOVE IT! Love the life guard tower :)

  7. WOULD love for her to teach my lil' crumb how to swim! She is a gem! And T is totally cute!

  8. T is lucky to have a fun-loving mom! Love the story. I was a little scared for a moment. The pool started to remind me of Sunset Boulevard with Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond.

    See you Friday!

  9. Too darn funny! One thing for sure, you and Taylor will always remember that swim teacher!!


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