Wednesday, June 30, 2010

if i had a bahama mamma

It would look like this little Salt Box...

Can't you just picture yourself relaxing in that bathroom... & doing absolutely nothing? That's music to my ears! Pure peace & quiet! Can you hear it... ? If you listen very closely... shhhhhh

I would like this sink in my kitchen! You really could put it anywhere in a house {bathroom, mud room, on a back porch...etc.!!!!} That skirt is divine. Do you know how many rolls of paper towels I could store {hide} under there? Millions!!!

Ahhh look he left towels out just for me... Thanks Tom!

Isn't this little Salt Box to die for... ? A perfect little beach house for me to relax in with my family! I could get a lot of work {rest} done here. I think my brain has gone to vacation mode. In due time...yes, in due time!
{photos from Tom Scheerer Inc.}

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