Thursday, August 3, 2017

run club

Ok lets chat... And be real!  So every week is different. One week I'm a runner. Then the next week I'm a struggling runner who can't breath. The struggle is beyond real.  Kind of sounds like an actor who gets a part in a movie and then doesn't get the next gig. Up down, up down... Really messes with your emotions! Well,  last year I hurt my hip. The doctor has no clue how it happened. I think it was my excessive 2 year workout routine and I just pushed myself way too hard. We all need wake up calls in life... I sure got mine, "slow down!" After rest and a huge injection {yikes}... I feel so much better! Not healed, but better! The pain is pretty much gone.  So guess what... I have an idea {don't laugh}... I want to start a f r e e fun run club. A group of people who are willing to run, laugh, walk, talk, be thankful and have fun! I'm trying to build up my milage and thought of this brilliant idea yesterday. So what do you think? This run club isn't about running fast or going super far... Its about making new friends and sharing stories! OK and yes helping each other push ourselves to achieve more goals in running. I'm not asking to run a 5K every weekend... Or turn into a crazy marathoner I'm just wanting to really have fun and get better at running... With no pressure. If you only have 30 minutes to run, great. Then go 15 minutes with the group and then run back to your car. Simple!  

So what do you all think? Want to do it? Want start running together?  I'm thinking this coming weekend at Moonlight Beach {beach run}... August 5th at 8:30 am. Kids are welcome! Would love some feedback... Please! 

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