Wednesday, August 2, 2017

alice in wonderland

{demo 2017) 

Well, were off and running with our remodel. We had a few fears of finding black mold and massive termite damage throughout. As drywall was torn out we really were pleasantly surprised... Not that much damage had occurred. I know this might sounds crazy to some, but that little damaged was music to our ears. I was envisioning hazmat men walking around with big yellow tape telling us we couldn't enter the building {hahaha}We've noticed a few structural issues that we have no clue how 1.) They got that approved & 2.) The house didn't come crumbling down in a few corners.  This house had 3 rentals on the property and every rental was pretty shady. I don't know how people even lived here. So when my parents purchased the house almost 15 years ago they did a lot and I really mean a lot of repairs, upgrades and fabulous cosmetic changes. It's beyond adorable! Then my father unfortunately  passed away of Cancer and then a couple months later I went through a pretty devastating  divorce {that's another blog post}. My mother thought the best solution for all of us during our trying time was having me and my little ones move onto her property. She needed love and we did too. A lot of it!  So as the years went by and we all grew stronger and happier we decided to stay and go forward with the remodel in the main house. The choppy repairs the previous owners had done were really starting to show. So timing was perfect! We're properly connecting the 1st and 2nd rental units together so everything flows nicely. We like to call some of the  doors and walls on that side of the home... Alice in Wonderland. Crazy! One door is so narrow that when I used to hold a little one at night and take them to bed, we would have to squeeze through this little  door. I would pray I wouldn't wake them up or scrape my hand on the door frame... But honestly I will never forget those memories. Well, good bye Alice in wonderland! Truth, you will and will not be missed {wink}! So at this point I'm beyond grateful for this remodel and unconditional love from my mom. I can't even tell you how blessed I am... B E Y O N D! So keep following me on this remodel journey... It's going to be a fun one! OH I bet you all are wondering why I don't have the before pictures up 1st... I've decided to wait to show you those when the big reveal happens at the end. Your jaw will definitely drop!  

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