Friday, July 9, 2010

breakfast burritos, park adventure, big girl haircut... blaah, blaah, blaah!

Missing one post {the other day} feels like I've short changed you all... Sorry! I've been all over the place with kids, summer vacation, husband vacation & super overloaded with work. I'm not complaining at all... Just trying to sort it all out. But, WOW when it hits, it hits hard! So here's a run down of the fun things that the Scully clan has been up to...
:: 1 ::

Weekend breakfast burritos... A morning must before the park! I do have to say... Share. They're HUGE!

Here's some words of advice from a local... TAKE OUT... Do not eat inside of Angelo's. Yuck! You will want to turn around & go elsewhere. Take it to go & you're safe. Just close your eye even through the drive through... A little rough! lol

We got the yummy goods... OJ for the kids, HOT coffee for mommy & a bag of burritos to share!

:: 2 ::

Moonlight Beach park... A fun beach park. The funny thing is we only stay for about an hour at this park then we're off... I don't know why? This happens all the time... Hmmm Makes you think!
Little man Ryan... He's such a dude! All BOY!

Excuse me... You're a little big for the park! Typical daddy move... Always trying to be funny! LOL

:: 3 ::
Taylor got a BIG girl hair cut... I did tell the lady I wanted a classic cut about 2 inches off her shoulder... A line style. Oh My Gosh... She started chopping & telling me that she has done this for over 30 years. Then proceeded to ask if Taylor wanted glitter strings in her hair. Ya I'm going to pass. Thanks though. I guess she didn't hear "classic" anywhere in the conversation. Psst... She was blinged out herself. lol
Then little man Ryan got his hair cut too... Hey, Nice shirt Mr. Scully! Rocking the rustic rooster T! My number 1 fan!! Love you!!!!
:: 4 ::

Painting to pass the ugly weather away...
:: 5 ::
A night at the Del Mar Fair... It was the last night of the fair... I had tons of FREE tickets & I kind of felt guilty I hadn't taken Taylor. So I jumped at the chance & took off. She's young & free right now... So why not! We had a BLAST! By the way look at her BIG girl hair cut. Isn't she beautiful! I can't tell you how sophisticated & old she acts now. Not sure if that's a good thing... But she looks so good!
Mommy & Taylor on the Merry-go-round!
Taylor on the swings... No complaints at all. She did everything by herself! If some of you were wondering... Yes, I did leave Ryan at home. He's not at the right age yet.. Next year he will LOVE the fair... Plus, I didn't feel like chasing him around & hearing him scream & cry if he couldn't go on a ride. Plus, I'm kind of that mean mom when it comes to bed time... I knew Taylor was messing up her schedule & I didn't want 2 whinny kids the next day. He would have been sooooooooooo tired. I need a little one on one time with my big girl!
This ride was hysterical... She did it last year & couldn't do it. This year she basically just spined in circles... I was crying laughing so hard. That would have made me sick. No thanks!
Taylor fly mommy out of here... Go Taylor Go!
Well... Now you can see what I've been up too... EVERYTHING & then some!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer... Trying to at least with this yucky weather!


  1. Your kids are soooo cute! Have a great weekend darling. xx

  2. I am just catching up on my reader. How cute is she with her big girl hair?! I love it!


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