Monday, June 7, 2010

run daddy run

The Scully family had another exciting weekend here in San Diego... My husband, Sean, ran the Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon. Yaaaa I can't tell you how excited I was for him. My husband is a very determined & extremely driven man {really, no joke}... So when he signed up for this race it was game time! I asked if he was going to run with all the pro's... ? ha ha ha He had a few little obstacles in the way while training, kids sick, massive work load, foot injury & one more little thing that he would shoot me if I disclosed that info to you all {some of you know}.... But he didn't back down he followed through & ran that race... & kicked butt!

I know that this post isn't about me at all, but in 2003 I ran the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. WOW... that was the most amazing experience I have ever had beside giving birth... So when Sean was running I was overwhelmed with emotion. I would cry almost every 2 minutes {shhh behind my sunglasses} & then let out a huge scream of joy! Sean you rock!

On Saturday we had to go down to downtown San Diego to the Convention Center to pick up Sean's bib...etc.

It was a gorgeous Saturday... Everything was just perfect! Sun shining, bird chirping, trains tooting... & people smiling everywhere!

People were coming into the Convention Center by the truck load. I was a little nervous because I had Mr. Ryan with us. I watched him like a hawk... Sean watched Taylor.

Cheerleaders were cheering, Elvis was rocking... Cute tush! I wonder if he works out... {wink}

Daddy checked in with Mr. Ryan... Ryan was fascinated with everything.

Sean still checking in...

I had a moment again... A couple of tears dropped here. How crazy is that. I think it was the music, tight pants & all the spirit in the room! Hope no one saw my emotions coming out...

Few questions were asked... Yes I'm Sean... Yes, my wife is Alexandra who owns the rustic rooster. Haa haa I'm just kidding.

Ryan found the Rock 'n' Roll guitar floor decal. We had to stay here for a little while. Boring! That guitar was so cool to him!

Then Ryan was off...

He's gone...

Stop Ryan... Hello wait for us!

I loved this big truck...
Happy Feet... Happy Run!
The man the myth the legend... SEAN SCULLY!
Now it's race day... Sunday, June 6th.
I dropped Ryan off at my parents house Sunday morning... Then Taylor & I drove down to Seaworld to meet Sean at the finish line. I was so scared & nervous that I was going to miss him. OK ... I have to tell everyone this little info. So you can understand why I was scared & nervous I was going to miss Sean... When I ran my Marathon, Sean rode his bike next to me the entire race. Told me when to drink & eat. He helped me stretch & talked me through my tough moments... Then my close & very dear friend Laura Fairchild ran next to me for about a mile... Sean handed her his bike & ran/walked the rest of the way with me till I finished. Oh he even made a t-shirt that said, GO ALEX! Hello that's love & dedication... So If I missed his 1/2 Marathon. I would have just died!!!!
Taylor & I made it! I think I dragged her about a mile through the runners & sidelines... Looking for him. I was literally in a panic that he had finished. I kept saying to Taylor... Do you see him? Oh Where's daddy...?
They had a fence that separated them {runners} from us... So I started panicking more! Where is he?
Then we saw him... He did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw my husband, lover, best friend cross the finish line!!!!
{sorry the picture of him crossing the finish line didn't turn out well... a little blurry & angled}
He was so tired & his foot hurt him a little but he did it!
We followed him to go & get his bag of clothes. He was a little slow. That didn't matter to me because he kicked ass!
Thank Goodness in all the chaos I brought cash... because I saw a rickshaw on the side. I flagged this guy down & we jumped in. I didn't want Sean & Taylor to walk another mile back to the car. It was perfect for all... Taylor loved it, Sean was at peace, our driver got money & I felt very happy!
As we were being driven back to the car {as close to it as we could get}... We watched the marathoners run by. What a beautiful place to run a marathon. I love San Diego!
Taylor & daddy...
Look how many people were running... AWESOME! I believe over 30, 000 people entered!
I so wanted to get in & run with everyone...
Taylor had so many questions for daddy...
{don't you just love her outfit... she dressed herself!}
More questions... It was pretty cute to hear him answer her.
Now Sean's safe at home... & feeling great! He said he can't wait to do another one.

So Mr. Scully if you're patient with me I just might do one with you...
I've got the SCULLY workout bug in me too!

So the Scully family had a wonderful weekend... I wouldn't change it for the world.
Congratulations to my husband Sean for running
the Rock 'n' Roll
1/2 Marathon!
{you inspire me to work hard & stay very driven}


  1. awesome post, Alexandra! way to go Sean - what an inspiration you both are for the kids. that one picture of Sean & Ryan - save that one. i can see Ryan signing up one day (and Taylor, too). xoA

  2. This weekend has been very emotional for me... I'm so proud & happy for him! It was a great time. Ryan better be a runner when he gets older because he has so much energy! lol Thanks for the kind words...


  3. This is a great post... I just discovered your blog through my sister-in- law, Fran. (Green Street) I know what you mean getting emotional, swelling with pride, feeling overwhelmed with happiness... I love that feeling and I keep the people that make me feel that way very close!

  4. Mary Ellen...

    Welcome to my blog! I talk about everything! I like to have fun & be real!!!

    Yes, I want to keep those people around me too! I feel that laughter mixed in with a little happines & positive vibes make the world go around!!! I love that!!!



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