Wednesday, June 16, 2010

order desk

I've had my eye on all these products for a while now... Why has it taken me so long to order these goodies... ? Hmmm Maybe time, getting {finding} the energy to order everything at one sitting & dinero {scared to see my total}!

1.) The rosie top... A MUST have the for the beach. I can just picture myself now lounging {running after my kids} on the sand in this pretty little thing. I'm coming Pink Chicken... I'm coming to order you! CHECK

2.) Of course I would like to get Taylor one too. I'm not a matchy matchy mom at all... Not saying that's bad {to each his own}... But, If I tried to pull that off I would look like a really BAD Christmas card. Oh, I can see it now. LOL

Well, Another cute outfit from Pink Chicken. I believe my dear friend Laura... owner of Babies by the Sea, in Cardiff carries her clothing line. Adorable website... Go take a peek & then come back to finish my post! CHECK

3.) The TOMS wedges are perfect year round in Sunny San Diego. Plus, they're right up my alley look wise. Hmmm Now to pick what color {s} I would like. CHECK

4.) I have never used MaxClarity... I've been a die hard Proactive user for about 100 years now. I do think my skin is getting a little used to it though... It's time to change it up & do something different to it. I'm kind of excited to do so. Yaaaa CHECK

5.) Don't laugh... As you all know from this post {here} I saw this infomercial while I was at the gym & was hooked. I've been getting a lot of slack from a few people about it. Hey... Bring it on Brazilian Butt Lift! Plus, for all that made fun... I dare you to come to the back office & do it with me everyday after work. Actually that would be kind of fun! CHECK

WOW... I have a a lot to order. Hope Sean doesn't see what i'm doing... Shhhh


  1. That little dress is too cute! And I've never heard of the BBL until now! You must tell us how it goes ... :)

  2. I LOVE PINK CHICKEN!!! And I more than love the new Toms wedges. I want them in every color but if I had to pick just one...I can't - that's why I don't own them. At least not yet. I am saving until I can buy them in every color.


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