Tuesday, June 8, 2010

don't laugh...

OK... fist things first... DON'T LAUGH! lol Are you ready? Yesterday, While I was running at the gym... an infomercial was playing on TV. I couldn't find the clicker so I kept watching it. To be honest with you all... It was pretty motivating. I kept wanting to run more & longer. I wanted results fast... I really wanted to get off the treadmill & order the product ASAP! Then I started thinking OH MY... Put a video on from a company at a gym & don't let anyone change the channel for about a half hour. Pure marketing genius. Rooster video here we come! Wouldn't that be funny. Well, that's not happening {right now}... The only thing that's happening is this infomercial...

Should I get it? Does anyone have it? Summer is near & my butt does need a little TLC. Sean just laughed at me & said hello you don't need to spend 60 plus dollars on a video that you will only use for 1 week... You could do it all yourself at home or really any where. It's called repetition. I don't know Sean... Look how good all of their butts look!

I am ready for the best Butt of my life... Sign me up!

I can do this everyday... Hello I'm a dedicated, driven... & motivated woman!

{after one more cookie & diet coke than I'll workout. LOL}

To get a supermodel butt... I want this video. I'm serious! I think I should try it for 1 month & see what happens. I know all of you are cracking up right now... I'm slightly snorting & tearing up from laughing so hard. Wow with all this laughing I'm getting a six pack. I think I can do this... Want to take bets on me getting a better BUTT! lol Hmmmm we shall see what I do!
I bet you all never thought that this BLOG could get so good... I'll tell it like I think it or see it!


  1. Lunges and Squats my dear. And my little secret that I've been doing for years too is called Straight Dead Leg Lifts. I use about 40 pound weights now because I've been doing them since high school and have built up. I'm an exercise/athlete/working out fanatic, have been since high school.

    All you do is stand on something that's a little off the ground (I use the pull up machine at the gym(it's about 2 feet off the ground and has nothing between my feet so i can go farther past my feet when bending).
    Keep your legs just SLIGHTLY bent and back very straight.
    Standing up, hold the weight so it's just kinda hanging at arms length (kind of around your crotch) and bend at the hips keeping your back straight, all the way down to your toes (or as far as you can go without hurting your hams) and then straight back up. Do that about 8 reps, 3 times for 2 weeks.... let me know what you think :) Does that make sense?

    BTW, you won't be able to walk the next day, so be sure to stretch!

  2. The problem Alex is those girls have no fat..ANYWHERE! So of course their backsides look fantabulous! And seriously, can I have that chicks' whole body in the first pic? So not fair.

  3. Shelly,

    I know!!! No fat... That's my problem. lol I want her body too... I think I'm going to do it. We shall see. ha ha ha


    WOW... I gotta see your butt {just kidding}! I'm scared for the no walking thing the next day or week... I do think I need the DVD. Can you come and train me! You sound GOOD!!!



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