Thursday, June 17, 2010

family fun time

The weather was absolutely perfect last weekend... The sun was shining bright! My Aunt & Uncle & their son came into town from Marblehead, MA... What a perfect reason for all of us to get together & party! Juice box style! I'm so blessed to have pretty much ALL of my moms family here in San Diego. Getting together is a must for the cousins to play. I do enjoy seeing all the little ones grow up together. How lucky are my children to have close family... Truly lucky!

Ryan & cousin Cole bonded perfectly... It was pretty cute to see Cole reach over at lunch & just hold Ryan's hand. Ahhh my heart just melted...
Then I got all the cousins together... For a little photo opportunity.

Ryan was definitely the star of the show. He stole all the girls hearts!

Then they ran from me... & started screaming! Sorry La Costa.

Little R & R time for papa {that's what my kids call my dad}. Hello Nick, where's your bathing suit?

Taylor had a blast on the slide... I tried to get a shot of her, but she was so fast going up & down the slide I just gave up.

Sean & Ryan... ZOOM

I did the unthinkable... Took my camera in the middle of the pool. Every mom & dad were looking at me like I was crazy... Who got the got shot now, mom & dads!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan found glasses poolside... & demanded that they were his. You know the movie, Nemo... Where the seagulls say, mine, mine, mine. That's my boy Ryan! Kind of makes you a little crazy. Just a little bit!

Lounging {i'm sure talking to himself too} by the Jacuzzi.

The day was perfect! I enjoyed every minute of it... Even the sand between my toes, the chlorine in my hair & my rose red shoulders {oops}. Loved, loved, loved... My family fun time!


  1. so glad you had fun with your family! great pics you captured:) xoxo

  2. Sounds like fun!

    Hey tomorrow I am going to Matilda's Mouse in the a.m. if you want to join me? Shoot me an email and let me know. I hope you see this before tomorrow.

  3. How wonderful! My husbands sister and her 3 kids were down last weekend too.. all 5 kids together is a blast! Great pic's, and good for you for going in the pool, I would too :) xx

  4. We had a really good time. Everything was just perfect that day! Even my kids were good too! LOL



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