Tuesday, May 5, 2020

tuesday coffee talk

 Climbing Roses on Nantucket Island // stacieflinner.com 

Pink Ranunculus. I had these in my wedding bouquet. my favourite flowers.life with me

Being at home, waking up late and then with all this glorious weather we're having it puts me in a summer state of mind. Pure heaven! So I can't help but stare at these images. Hmmm... Let's just pretend I'm at my beach house on Nantucket living the life i've always dreamed of. No Covid-19 discussion at all! Beautiful blooms growing everywhere... Wild and free! Sand between my toes mixed in with cool sea breeze kisses.  Now thats what I'm talking about friends. Adding in crisp cotton sheets, classic white one piece bathing suits to fresh flowers and cottage exteriors surrounding me. Need I really say more. All of these images are 100% me. I don't need much... I just need classic and simple. Finding simplicity on a daily basis is what I strive for these days... Hope you all are enjoying your coffee and dreaming big today! Lets do this more often... Coffee Talk! Happy Tuesday!

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