Friday, May 1, 2020

hello beautiful

Alisberg Parker Architects & Building Designers - This Preppy House
{home found... here}

I can look and look till I'm blue in the face trying to find the perfect exterior of a home. Is there really a perfect exterior? I don't think so. I think exteriors are always evolving and changing for the better {some for the worse}. For one moment I become obsessed we white house and black shutters. I drool and dream of them, constantly. Like the one above. I do believe its beautiful! Quit timeless if you ask me. But I guarantee tomorrow I will stumble upon another home that captivates me and guess what I'm OK with that. I do know one thing I tend to gravitate towards classically traditional homes... That withstand the test of time. When I'm older and wiser in life I hope that each time I drive up to my home I will sit and stare in awe... Like falling in love over and over again with the same person! Happy Friday everyone! 


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