Tuesday, July 23, 2019

you pick

I'm going to close my eyes and have you all pick my kitchen stove. So many positives and negatives on all of these stoves pictured above. I love the industrial pro look... Love, Love, Love! Nothing delicate in my kitchen! I want a timeless look... I want to look back at my kitchen and say, thank goodness I didn't get something too delicate or too bright and shinny {too many bells and whistles}. I'm not into trends... I absolutely love to cook and  need a s t o v e that's mean and strong! ha  Money is a huge factor in the remodel... Remember we're on Phase 3 now... {1 - was my master bedroom, bathroom, closet/laundry room/pantry, 2 - kids bathrooms and new windows in Ryan's room}... And stage 4 is next right after the kitchen {adding a dining room and a California room}! This remodel is HUGE to me. We spend pretty much 24/7 in the kitchen.    I just want to make a good decision that will last a very long time. This home will never be sold... If anything it will turn into a rental property. So as you all can see I need your help!  

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