Tuesday, July 16, 2019

before and after {home}

Warning these "b e f o r e" pictures might burn your eyes... Or temporarily blind you! lol Just kidding, but man, they are bad. Actually embarrassing bad.  As I said before, this property before us, had 3 rentals on it. The main house, the garage turned into a studio rental and then the upstairs studio rental. Each rental had their own entrance/exit... But they did share 1 laundry room. Oh My gosh! It was small, gross and did I say, gross. Of course this space was hidden away so thank god you didn't see it. After adding a hall to my room which was the garage rental and a pantry we made a separate laundry room space... Well, here you go. Its simple and just perfect. Nothing fancy... We still have to add a few hooks and pictures, but right now I like having it with noting. Before their was so much junk {storage} in the room that I dread putting more back into it. My modo is... Less is best! Enjoy!

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