Thursday, April 11, 2019

throw back thursday {interior design}

I'm realizing one thing right now... I'm definitely a classic style kind of girl! I continuously gravitate towards simplicity. I love looking back on older projects and seeing where the project ended and how I styled it! I always grow from older projects... And add more to the next and steel from the last. Sometimes when you change to much it ruins everything. I can't even tell you how many people called, emailed and messaged me about this bathroom when my clients put their house on the market. My town is actually pretty small and when friends, agents, future clients and past clients walked in they found out it was mine and I loved it! The overwhelming feeling of joy when you complete a job and everyone is happy is enough of me! 

But to get that overwhelming feeling of Joy you need a good team... A team takes you to the finish line! I love my cabinet maker who gets me. He knows my style... Of course adds his 10 cents and then I reel him on with a stare or I turn and hug him with excitement and say, YES I love that idea. He just laughs and we get the job done!

Then their is my carpenter who has been with my since I was pregnant with my 1st Child... Holy Smokes that's a long time! We so far have had a very good run together and still running. He 100 million percent gets me. Never asks questions just does it... I love that about him. After each job he says, wow this is amazing love it! Whats next... lol

So bottom line is having a great crew is #1 in this industry... You will always have your ups and downs, but over all your projects run more smoothly. I'm defiantly a believer in keeping things simple and having fun on a project... You will notice the difference! 

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