Thursday, October 30, 2014

tbt {family}

 {Marblehead, Massachusetts - 2007}

 {San Diego, California - 2014}

OK... I just adore these two little girls!!!!! They're truly inseparable cousins! No joke... Taylor and Gwyneth eat, sleep and breath each other daily! When are family went through its rough time these little girls formed a bond that is so beautiful and strong... I actually envy them. They laugh all day long, smile from ear to ear when they see each other and care so deeply for each other. Best Friends are the greatest gift! I'm so happy that they're cousins too... The goodness that these little girls have inside their hearts is amazing... They help each other and strengthen each other when they've had a rough day. I love hearing their little conversations... I smile from ear to ear with these angels!  


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