Wednesday, October 22, 2014

so many choices {interior design}


Ok... Here's the truth, I'm such a sucker for a pretty bathroom! Maybe because I love taking showers {don't ask... lol}.  OMG, I wonder if I've become a bathroom snob. Walking into a beautifully decorated bathroom always brings a huge smile to my face... From the mirrors, artwork, towels,  lighting and even the tile. I feel you can pull a bathroom together very easily.  Even if you don't have an endless budget, you can still coordinate, simplify {throw all the extra junk and mixed match towels out} and make your bathroom look stunning. I'm in the process of starting a remodel with an old client in Del Mar... So of course bathrooms have been on my mind even more lately. I'm fortunate enough I don't have a budget, so I can create anything I would like. What I do in those situations is, pretend I'm moving in {wink}. After I narrow down the look... We then play and have fun with accessories! Designing any room in your house should be fun! I think people forget that putting too much stress on themselves during this process can only make your remodel harder. Sit back... Relax and smile! Just think you can sit in your bathroom when it's all done and enjoy! It will be well worth the wait!!! What style of bathroom do you like... Dark, light, wallpapered, tiled... What?!?!?! Are you a closet bathroom snob like me {hahahaha}?

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  1. What size hexagon tile is that in the bathroom, a 2 inch or 3 inch?


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