Friday, April 2, 2010

the wood shop

I've come up with a fun & funky line of custom furniture made out of inexpensive pine... I love the look of old beaten up farm tables, coffee tables, entry tables, cabinets, etc... So I decided that we all should be able to have that look with out breaking our bank accounts. Hello, I want it all, but can't have it all! Plus, I think that one or two piece in a home should be fun & funky... Adds character to your home {something to talk about}!

:: welcome to the rustic rooster wood shop ::
{custom sizes available}

1.) Sofa Table {or entry table}

{side view of sofa table {entry table}}

2.) Farm table

{side view of farm table}

3.) Craft table with shelf

{side view of craft table}

4.) Thin coffee table

{side view of thin coffee table}

All of these pieces are available for purchase...
Just call & pick a color!

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