Friday, April 23, 2010

it's official...

I've come to the conclusion that lotto is totally rigged... Here's another winner of the lotto, super lotto, power ball... Toothless & tattooed. I'm not saying that those are a bad thing, but come on its a trend with the power ball. You never hear of a well off hard working family that's safe, secure in life, love & happiness wins the jackpot. You hear... I was sleeping in my car, I had 15 dollars in my bank account, I'm 40 & live with my grandma... or a tractor just ran over my leg. Hello! Do I need to do that to win. I've slept in my car... I've had only 15 dollars in my bank account... I've lived with my mom {& dad}... I've fallen off my bike & hurt my arm {maybe that counts}... Hey lotto look at me!

Well, here's our newest millionaire, Chris Shaw from Missouri!

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