Wednesday, October 29, 2014

simply fancy {interior design}

I don't know about you... But I think this layout is pretty grown up. I absolutely love the look... Hmmmm I wonder if my children could pull it off. Ryan would automatically be caged in his room.  Taylor on the other hand could fit the part and roam freely about. She actually would be my clean cop! Get off that couch... STOP, take your shoes off... NO sitting on that chair... I'm telling mom! God, I love that girl {lol}!  This simply fancy look makes me want to have a grand dinner party and re-decorate everything... Actually it makes me want to move back east {don't ask}! OK I'll let you all know... I'm almost to my 40's... I said it, almost! OMG!  So I'm at a different stage in my life... Career change,  dinner parties with dear friends,  planning fun travel adventures, to future investments for my children. Don't laugh... But I think of these things often!  My style has been changing and getting a little more sophisticated lately. Is it my age? Is it the stage of life I'm in? Hmmm or am I just plain growing up?!?! I enjoy simplicity versus un-necessary clutter. I would rather wait for the perfect piece of furniture than buy to buy. I actually tell my clients that... Wait for that perfect piece because it should be an investment not a temporary fix.  Ahhhh so many little rules in life! Yes, of course do what you want... But think of your future. I just purchased a stunning antique hutch recently... I'm in heaven. Waiting for this pieces has brought me joy and I know one day my children will thank me when I pass it down to them...  It's the little things that make me happy now!!!  So simply fancy I open my arms to you... And embrace you! You are stunning and fabulous!!! Welcome to my life... Maybe when I'm 40 i'll truly let you in my home! 


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