Thursday, October 2, 2014


Can you feel the happiness radiate from this post... I love the pop of PINK! It looks so alive and fresh! No joke i'm drooling over the pink and white cabana stripe rug with the pink class wingback. Want!  I wish I had the courage to do a pink fabric in my family or living room. I definitely can go guns a blazing in my daughters room... But i'm super scared for my more common areas.  Maybe one day I will try it and get out of my box. The way I think of it is... It's kind of like those cooking shows that take the traditional Mac 'n' Cheese and do a healthy twist on it... {chuckle}. I'll rock the cashmere pink sweater... And put pink flowers in my house! So watch out people... I might turn pinkalicious on you all! Hope you all have a colorful day! 


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