Friday, October 10, 2014

perfect pairing

Oh my... These photos bring me to my happy place! I could stare at them all day long {no joke}!  Styling a home is such a fun commitment! Every corner that you turn in design, can be extremely inviting and adventurous. The exterior, flowers, fabric, lighting and even all your accessories can make a huge statement. I enjoy what I do very much... OK I actually pretend I live in my clients homes... I ask myself all the time What would I like? What would I want? What would I do? Do you see the repeating pattern here... Me, me, me! {wink} So in a nutshell I will be living in your home... {just kidding}. Hope you enjoy my perfect paring for this fine Friday!  I'm drooling over it all! What do you think... Drool or not to drool?!?!?!

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