Wednesday, October 1, 2014

hello october 1st

I can't believe it's already October... That's so crazy! I still keep thinking summer "just" ended. So as most of you know who read my blog... My kids started a new school. A public school in Encinitas.  I'm here to report so far so good... They like it! Not going to lie... They had a moment that they both wanted to go back to their old school. They missed their friends. Totally normal!   My heart just broke for them... But in the long run I think my kids will be better off with our decision {i hope}! Now I'm so excited to see the growth that my children have done in the last few weeks. They're exploring so many new options and challenges in their lives that I'm so proud of them. I'm trying so hard to teach my children kindness, love, respect, patience and personal confidence. My little ones are actually proving to me that If I'm patient and keep doing what I'm doing it's working! The compliments and the gratitude that they show me on a daily biases  truly bring tears to my eyes!  I will do anything and everything for my little ones... Just seeing them do one or all of my teachings, I'm one happy momma! Yes, kids are so tricky... So never give up when you're angry or frustrated. Stop what you're doing and focus on them. October we welcome you with open arms... Hello from the Scully clan! 


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