Saturday, October 4, 2014

choose... {happiness}

Good morning blogger friends... Today I woke up happy! Feeling alive and free! I've had so much on my plate for the last 2 years that i'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My body {face}, mind and soul has taken a huge toll.  I know negativity doesn't last forever... Being in charge of your life and making the correct and honest decisions for you and your family is what will guide you through life.  I truly pride myself on honest and being real... I think that has helped me feel better and understand more! I do want to leave you today with a list of to do's...  

1.) Listen to others
2.) Do something for yourself {have fun}
3.) Smile more {old, young, evil & good}
4.) Laugh/Giggle to everyone
5.) Share something with someone {sharing is caring} 
6.) Try your hardest to be kind {rise up and be better}
7.) NEVER give up on anyone or anything in your life {life is too short}
8.) Take a moment to reflect your day {quiet time}
9.) Always work on yourself and grow
10.) LOVE your children like you've never loved before

Happy Saturday everyone... You are amazing and beautiful! 


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