Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ugly Face

Right before I went to bed last night which was very very late... I decided to stop by Darby's blog, Fly Through Our Window to see if she had posted anything {love her blog}... OH yes she did! I about died from laughing so hard. My husband was actually up watching a movie {rare that he's up past 8:30 pm}... I barely could get the words out of my mouth... But, I did... Sean come here! {tons of hand waving} You've got to see this video! We were crying, laughing, snorting, giggling & dying together... Thanks DARBY. I have needed a good laugh like this...

WARNING: Watch & you will laugh sooooo hard!


  1. it was torture watching this yesterday...i wanted to laugh SOOO hard but harper was sleeping. it's hysterical and so my type of humor! HAHA

  2. Okay, this made me laugh out loud and that is really hard for me! Can the Home Depot guy please get a medal for patience and kindness?! Nice share A!

  3. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the laugh, even Bronson giggled.

  4. I was happy all day long... Thanks video!!!

    * A video a day keeps the blues away! lol



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