Wednesday, June 9, 2010

so adorable

My little angel got glasses. As a mother you want only the best for your children... So of course the moment I heard the specialist say that she needed glasses my heart dropped. I couldn't think of any questions to ask in the office because my attention went straight to Taylor. Now I have a million plus questions to ask the doctor. Soon to be asked at the next appointment in 2 weeks. You should see my list.
I questioned myself... What did I do? Did I not give her enough veggies? Does she need to take more vitamins... Drink more milk... What didn't I do? I realize a lot of those questions are normal. I'm just being a protective & concerned mom.

My mother did reminded me... She doesn't have cancer, she's fine & absolutely beautiful! I know, I know, I know... Thank God! I am blessed & lucky. I just want to protect my children like no tomorrow. Now that she's had them for about 2 weeks... She's amazing. Taylor has not complained once {no joke}. I swear she is super toddler. The moment she put them on she never told me she wanted to take them off or she had a headache. Perfect adjustment... wow! She wears them with her head up high & lets people know they're Barbie frames. That's my girl! So In 2 weeks I will keep you all updated if she needs to wear then 24/7 or just when she reads.

So do any of you have little ones with glasses?


  1. Both of my boys wear glasses, none of my girls ever did. When my oldest switched to contacts I actually missed his glasses. He had worn them from the time he was one and a half.
    She looks beautiful!

  2. Kayce,

    Thank you... It's always good to hear from another mom! It's so fresh & new in our house that we're all adjusting. She does look adorable! :) I think the cute thing is... some of the girls at her pre-school went home & asked for glasses like Taylor.



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