Tuesday, June 29, 2010

oh kids...

I know these photos are really speaking two different languages, but I can't stop staring at them. So why not... I'll put them side by side & let you all stare! One says, I'm clean & crisp... Please don't make a mess in my room... Everything is perfect! The other says, come over & lets play. That polka dot bedding on that cot screams giggling all night long! Hmmm maybe these two rooms depict my children. One perfect angel {Taylor} & one wild devil {Ryan}.


  1. so Ryan gets a cot & Taylor gets a fairy princess bed? ha! the picture on the right needs a lil' pitch tent next to - and it's perfect. all a boy needs ; ) i have five of those cots, they come in so handy! xoA

  2. very cute! yes, i can totally see it... taylor's room and ryan's room. haha
    Christina :)

  3. Alicia... I want one!!! Maybe when the boys get really tall I can have one. Be your BFF! That's Taylors new thing... lol



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