Wednesday, April 14, 2010


When it rains it sure pours..

I am so lucky
to be in business in this crazy up & down economy right now {knock on wood}. I have so much going on with my many design clients & the rooster booming with re-paints & purchases that I just have to sit back & laugh & thank my lucky stars! That's better than crying... RIGHT {lol}?

First off... I want to say thank you to each & every one of you for supporting {shopping or spreading the word} the rooster! We love all of you very much... The rooster wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you! Thanks {big hug & kiss}!

I'm working on a master bedroom "complete" re-do right now that is slowly coming to an end... Everything is starting to arrive. I love seeing all my designs & creations delivered. I secretly want to take all of them for my house. When I do a design project I pretend that it's my home... Hmmmm What would I like? What would I do? Can I pass that down to my children? Can my children climb on it? Can that be washed? I ask all of those questions because I want nothing left out...
The furniture is all wrapped up & waiting for the big install... It's like Christmas {especially for me}. I love seeing my clients face the moment they walk in a room & everything is done. That's the best gift of all... I do have to say I have shed a few tears seeing how happy they are! I love my job!!!
Then today I got the ultimate gift... Another contract was signed & delivered to my office. I bet you're wondering what's behind this gate {shhh my new client}...



  1. can you sneak me in with you? that house looks amazing!

  2. Catrin... Yes, very exciting times for me & the rooster team!

    Grace... I'll pretend your my assistant! Come on! Wouldn't that be fun! LOL


  3. That would be SOOOO fun!! I think you do need an assistant btw, mrs. busy bee!


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