Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunday, sunday, sunday

It was another Sensational Encinitas Street Fair this year... But boy am I tired! The rooster's always closed on Sundays, but today we thought, hey why not... Lets open the doors up & meet new potential customers. I can't believe how many people came in & were so excited to meet us & finally see what's inside our adorable little store.
Then...Taylor became my little side kick... While grandma {mom} ran the store. We decided to explore Highway 101 {mommy & me adventure}.
We smelled this... {amazing}

Taylor became a Jr. Photographer while I tried on clothes {see Taylor in the mirror}
Then my mom bought Ryan & Taylor some cute inexpensive t-s...
Ryan sporting his new T at home... During tunnel play time!
Mom got the best gift of all...
Her funnel cake!!!
{she ate it so fast that this is the only picture I could get of it}
Now it's time for night night... I am sooooooo tired!
Sleep tight everyone....

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