Monday, April 12, 2010

boyfriend + girlfriend

My husband has started a new trend... "The girlfriend jeans". I was wearing my jeans, aka "the boyfriend jeans" on Sunday... So Sean felt he needed to get on board & start his own trend. LOL... I pretty much peed in my pants when we stopped at a park after our bike ride to let the kids play. We stood side by side of each other, looked down & both started laughing. He rolled his jeans up because he didn't want his cruisers chain to get caught in his pants. Good thinking... Good job Sean!
We then asked Taylor to Take a few pictures of our pants... This is what we got. She's really into taking pictures right now...

1... Sean's shoe
2... my shoes
3... my pant legs

4... combination legs

Isn't it great making family "funny" memories together. Hey, families that laugh together stay together! Ohhhh we sure do that!

1 comment:

  1. That laughter i have had with my wife ! A family very good and enjoying life ! In any way i because i am a man i say that the shoes of your husband are better as the yours. We are men and we have to be united ! Greetings to all !


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