Monday, April 5, 2010

happy birthday

{april 3, 2008}
I look back at my sweet angel on the day he was born. I can't believe he was this tiny & precious. You never really realize how fast your kids grow up until you start looking at growth charts {they climb that wall so fast}, pictures {so many memories} & their clothes {get shorter & shorter}. Ryan has definitely grown into a true rough & tumbled BOY! I really mean it {bamm bamm is a famous & true nick name for him}. Look at the little glow in his eye {I'm gonna give you hell mom}... Sparkling with determination & drive. It's all about Ryan. In our household Ryan is very outgoing, loud {screams a lot} & has tons of energy. Ahhh to be a kid again!

::1st birthday::
{april 3, 2009}
Then it was Ryan's 1st birthday... If you look really close at his shirt... Pass all the chocolate, he has blood on his shirt. Ryan took a nasty fall {on papas watch... oops} & hit his lip. Good times! He devoured his first cupcake in minutes. Then he decided to get it all over his face. Ahhh to be a kid again!

:: 2nd birthday ::

{april 3, 2010}

Then he turned 2 & it was all over... No more clean shirts, cars rock, choo choo trains rule, golf clubs are a must, surfboards are sooo much fun, bath time is all the time & skateboards are interesting to ride... & he think they are all his {mine, mine, mine}! When I said I had a true boy I really mean it... Ryan does all of the above activities & LOVES them ! My little guy, Ryan Steven Scully is now 2 years old! Ahhh to be a kid again!

Happy Birthday baby!!!


  1. i love that we both have 2 year olds who are rough and tumble boys!!! love the pics alex. they do grow way too fast.. oh, i meant to tell you, i got a spot at kids by the sea! yaaaay!!

  2. Grace,

    I'm so happy you got a spot at Kids By the Sea... You will be so happy! Ryan will be going In September {2 days a week, 1/2 days}. Now we have to focus on potty training!

    Yes, we need to get the boys together... Soon!



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