Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ahhh too cute

Don't you just want to eat these little creatures all up... I almost died when I saw them. Their so adorable! I've always wanted to knit & crochet {my mother is amazing}. Ahhh to find more time in my busy day. Hopefully soon I can make this one of my "priority projects" {working on a new kitchen work station right now}. I can picture the kids room... Little displays all over the place. These animals are called, amigurumi {named after the Japanese art of crocheting small animals}
I'll take one of each... Please... {all photos from here}

The mouse... Looks super simple to make. I think I can try this {one day}

This would be my knitting bag that I would tote all around town to knitting classes, friends houses for knitting parties & knitting in the park while the kids play! Wouldn't that be funny. Oh Alex is here with her knitting bag {lol}. I am in love with this new bag from Lands End {check it out here}.

Ohhh I could see this monogram {check out the monogram shop... love this store} on it too! Love the yellow for spring...
I'm having so many visions.

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