Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what would you do?

Hello Blogger friends... Remember this POST?

If you found yourself in the following situation, what would you do?
You are driving down the road & come up to a stop where you see the three people sitting. As you get closer you see waiting at the bus stop three people; an elderly woman in desperate need of medical attention, your best friend, & the woman/man of your dreams. You would love to pick them all up, but your car can only hold two people, one of those being the driver. What do you do?
Everyone who made a comment on this BLOG POST. Thank you so much! Please e-mail me at:

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I have something special to send you all!

By the way this is what my husband said was the correct answer:

Give my best friend the keys to my car so he can take the elderly woman to the hospital & sit there with the woman of my dreams.

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