Saturday, March 20, 2010

oh what a day

* Pasadena Rose Bowl Swap Meet *
Sunday, March 14, 2010

OH what a day in Pasadena, California!

I know this post is so long over due {sorry}. I'm still trying to catch up from the night that I went out with EDDIE & JAITHAN. I feel like I'm 1 week behind with everything! Showering, brushing my hair, talking, working & even thinking!

The gang... Alexandra, Grace & Melissa started the day out by taking my husbands truck {thanks Sean} & driving to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet to meet up with a group of BLOGGERS to listen to EDDIE ROSS pick out fabulous flea market finds & describe amazing ways how to use things in our everyday lives. Plus, show us how to transform furniture & accessories into million dollar ticket items {i listened very close}. Love that!

Melissa & Grace working the streets {trying to make some extra cash to buy, buy, buy}

A quick cute shot of the rooster chicks! Ahhh I just want to squeeze you Melissa!

Then we saw this HUGE crowed with name tags on behind a chain length fence... Melissa wondered who was cage fighting today. I quickly re-assured her that they didn't do that here & if it did happen it was housewives fighting for a ramekin in side the walls of the Rose Bowl. We were actually looking for hand held signs in the air that said, EDDIE ROSS TOUR.

Once we got closer we saw him... Our drinking, giggling EDDIE ROSS!

Then the tour began... They talked & talked & talked... {sounded like me at the office}

Eddie demonstrated

Melissa glowed with excitement {she was inspired}!

Grace was glowing too!

Then we all saw this... Love it! So anthropology! We tried to buy it. They wouldn't... They said that it was their display.

It was such a beautiful day in Pasadena... The Rose Bowl was packed with people! I heard that Natalie Portman was there too. Didn't see her though...

We ran into dad & mom {Nick Sr. & Sally}... Mom hustled & dad chatted away with random people. Gotta love that about him! He can go anywhere & make tons of friends {for life} because they will never forget him!

OK I have to tell the truth... My real mission for going to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet was to get a pair of cowboy boots... I saw these gold ones! They were screaming my name... Hmmmm Should I. Hmmmmmm?????????

I looked up & saw this... I really had died & gone to heaven. Gold cowboy boots & BBQ sandwiches. Heaven!

Looked down & saw this. Too cute for a baby's room.

Then the tour was over... The photo opt just began!

The giggles were done with the BLOGGING gang... {our giggles were just starting} Eddie & Jaithan are too cute!


Shelly, Melissa, Grace & Alexandra

another photo opt

Then the shopping began... What do you think of our new look? Gorgeous darling, just gorgeous!

Wow did we buy & have FUN!

Loading of the tuck... I can't believe we did it & made it back all in one piece!

I just have to say thank you to Melissa & Grace. I had so much fun traveling, gabbing and shopping with you both! Eddie & Jaithan were so much fun to see again. We had a great time catching up & learning from them. If they ever come to a Flea Market in your area... GO GO GO! Please say HI from the rooster chicks! I hope you enjoyed my photos. Once again I'm so sorry for not posting them sooner. Better late than never... Enjoy!


  1. We had so much fun with you and the gang! Your finds are AMAZING!!! drinks soon!
    Eddie + Jaithan

  2. swingingfromthechandelier@gmail.comMarch 22, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    count me in next time...looks like so much fun...
    and I absolutely LOVE LOVE the yellow umbrella.

  3. Eddie & Jaithan...

    YES, drinks soon! Can't wait! :)


  4. Tina,

    I would love to go again & with you too! We would have a blast! We can just go on our own & have fun.:)) I need to google & find that umbrella. It's amazing! Miss you!


  5. this was sooo much fun alex! i loved spending the day with you and melissa. we need to get together again soon. xoxo

  6. Awww thanks so much for giving me a shout out Alex! What DID you find that's loaded in the truck??? And Melissa did score on that awesome demijohn. I didn't find one like that for a good price! Next time... Oh and if you guys do drinks...seriously...ummm I want in!!!


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