Friday, March 5, 2010

before & after... bathroom

I know I kept promising everyone before & after shots of my bathroom re-do... I completely forgot. Sorry! After about 5 people yelling at me at work today... I remembered! Oopps I had mommy brain... Well, here's the before picture of the bathroom when we bought or place about 5 years ago. The gentleman had so many cabinets in this tiny little space... I don't know how he could actually walk around & function {get clean/dry}. We removed everything & just started fresh...

:: before ::

:: after ::

I'm trying to find more photos on my computer... & I can't. When & if I do... I will post more, more, more. I swear it!!! Enjoy...


  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful transformation! Can't wait to meet you at the Rose Bowl!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  2. I so excited to meet you too! Thank you! I do need to post a few more pictures of my bathroom re-do... Can't wait!!!



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