Monday, June 29, 2009

The Music Man

A few years back I went to one of my girlfriends little girls birthday party here in Encinitas & was blown away by the children's entertainment. This guy was amazing with the little ones! The kids just loved him . . . They were so happy, laughing, dancing, interactive & wanted more, more, more! I was involved too (doesn't take much to get me silly with the kids)! After I left that party I said to myself, "I'm so going to hire that guy for Taylor next birthday party." He was fun & the music was great! He kept the little ones in gaged for a long time (as mothers we all know that's sometimes hard to do). A few years later Taylor started going to pre-school at Kids By The Sea & WA LA The music man, Mr. Troy was there! He teaches them music every Monday for a half an hour. I always new Taylor's pre-school was COOL (they have good taste in music).

Yaaaaaa I wanted to share with everyone a really wonderful & talented musician that's amazing for children's birthday parties. I so recommend the music man, Mr. Troy!

The kids getting active with a song . . . All smiles!

Ahhhhh here comes Mr. Troy . . . Watch out!

Chloe getting into the music . . . Dance girl, you dance!

Now the real serious stuff takes place . . . The lesson!

Look at Paige . . . Getting so involved.

Miss Kathy was recruited to help out . . . Feel the beat . . . Boom Boom Boom!

Pretty Caitlin . . . Looking gorgeous darling! She is so adorable!

The wild side excited to have free dance time . . . Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


They really get into it . . . Go Mr. Troy!

Now they end the session with a stamp!

So pretty . . . Where mine? Hello I attended class! Maybe next time!

Silly class picture with Mr. Troy

To contact The Music Man, Mr. Troy . . .

760.212.6006 or
* Music Man, Mr. Troy is rooster approved! *

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