Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got skillz . . . Scully Surfboards

I noticed my husband was taking out all of his surfboards from our shed on Saturday & it made me a little curious . . . Why? Of course I did the typical question every wife would ask . . . What are you doing with those boards (I was really thinking when are you going to clean up your mess, but couldn't ask that)? He told me that he was looking at all of his custom shaped boards (made a lot by himself) to see what new board he was going to make. I then was intrigued and started my typical FBI questioning (should have been an agent, Damn I'm good), Who, What, When, Where & Why . . . These are the answers I got:
1.) Sean started shaping his own boards when the Clark Foam closed & boards started getting too expensive to buy.

2.) He enjoyed the craftsmen ship of making boards.

3.) He's very particular, specific & extremely detail oriented (never misses a beat)

4.) Loves seeing the finished product.

5.) Sean loves to shape things that's not on the shelf (what you see at every surf shop).

The best of all Sean shapes all of his boards at the rooster . . . & you thought the rustic rooster only sold furniture! Ha Ha

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