Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting ready

One of my really good girlfriends, Laura Fairchild is getting ready to have her first baby. How exciting! She will be a great mom . . . I can't wait to meet her new little bundle of Joy. The exciting part is we don't know what the sex is yet. So Laura went with a chocolate brown and lime green theme so If it was a girl, the room would be perfect or if it was a boy it would still be perfect. Too cute!

Laura hired rustic rooster to re-paint her crib. This is the special part for me . . . the crib that we re-painted is the crib that she used as an infant. We were able to keep all the original hardware . . . Love it! It turned out amazing! Then we custom designed a changing table for her in the same chocolate brown with # 11 cream undertone . . . to match with the bumper and bedding. The moment everything came into the room I got the chills. I love the blend of old (her crib) and new (our custom changing table) . . . We are waiting on another custom round side table for next to the bed. When that comes in the room really will be complete. I will show pictures of that when it's done.

Laura Fairchild's Original crib . . . Re-Painted by rustic rooster interiors.

Custom Dresser to match the crib and bedding . . . made by rustic rooster interiors.

Closer picture of crib painted by rustic rooster interiors and it wasn't distressed.

Please note: Laura brought in the color she wanted us to paint the crib . . . This was her selection.

NEXT . . .

I snuck into her bedroom and took some shots of her adorable bedding. I wanted to jump right in and take a nap. Super cozy . . . Love all the fluff! This is bedding from Shabby Chic. So now it's considered a collectors item because Shabby Chic is no longer in business , except at Target. I just love your bedding Laura!

Thanks for letting me help you with your babies room . . .

Can't wait to meet your little one!

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  1. how sweet! all the best to Laura and Baby!


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