Monday, June 22, 2009

Drive Thru Car Wash

I feel kind of guilty writing this post but, I have to show you pictures of Ryan as I took him thru the car wash . . . I was sad that my little man went through all of these emotions. I can see how scary it can be. Imagine all these things coming at you and moms camera too! Sorry Ryan! The noises are freaky if you don't know what they are. Plus, they're so loud . . . I would freak out too! But, I had to laugh a little. I gave him Taylor's dolly to hold. Ahhh poor poor Ryan! Have I scared my child for life. Opps!

Happy Ryan . . . Has no clue what's to come!

Still happy & even drooling . . .

Ahh Mom what's that . . . Somethings moving by my window!

It's on your side mom . . . OMG

OMG . . . I'm frozen with fear

Dolly, I will protect you . . . But something is still at my window. Shhhhhhh

Mom why don't you step on it . . . Ahhhhhhhhh

Are we done yet?

Look at his eyes . . . So much fear. Sorry Ryan!
Do you want to go thru the car wash again?
Just kidding . . . Love you!


  1. you are awful!!!! i am laughing so hard! i have tears in my eyes! there's something wrong with both of us, i think!

  2. I crack up every time I look at the pictures too! So bad! Yes, there is something wrong with us . . . Opps!
    xoxo, Alexandra


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