Tuesday, January 21, 2020

tuesday {truth}

So I have this goal in 2020 {like I always do... year after year}... To clean up all my paperwork. Which includes pictures, award certificates to artwork and much more. I'm pretty organized, but this is one area I've been pushing aside. I see it and walk away. Its not out of control, but in my mind I think it is. So this year I'm tackling it! Everything has to be simple! No fuss... Just make everything easy and plain old simple! I want to be able to walk into my storage unit or house and say, Oh I need my home sale documents, to I want to look at my dads memory box and much more. No questions asked where it is. Seriously, don't you all want that!? I know you do... Its just finding the time and figuring how to do it. 

Here's how I got started on my adventure...  I was trying to figure out what series to watch while running at the gym and it came to me... Watch that Marie Kondo show... Tidying up. Well, I did and its fascinating. Clothes, books, shoes and accessories I'm good with, but she did help me go the extra mile in that department. Then I kept intensely watching how she organized paperwork, etc... {this is what I got out of it}

1.) Go through your documents. Eliminate things you do not need or want. Then create a pile that needs to be filed and then create a pile that you have questions on and will get to the next day.

2.) Eliminate all bad pictures of you. Then  get rid of duplicate pictures or the same or slightly different posses. Keep only one of those pictures.

3.) For artwork... Pick the ones you love! Then throw out the ones you don't like. The ones your questioning just keep in a pile. You can review them the next day. 

I then made a list of important names and events {divorce, home purchase, college, each family member name... etc.} Then I went to Walmart and got big plastic bins that all match

I got labels from Office Depot and labeled each bin. That makes a huge difference. I can see each box nicely and I'm very pleased. 

So If you want to start your journey... Go watch her show. Take what you need from it and start. My family thinks I'm crazy, but truth in the long run they'll thank me because its all simple for them and they don't have to deal with clutter and chaos! 

I do believe we think and function better in a clean environment. So if you're struggling in work or life, try to de-clutter and see what happens. Good luck and just have fun! 

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