Saturday, February 1, 2020

in the name of l o v e

{all images off rustic rooster pinterest... h e r e}

Hello everyone!

It's l o v e month... Happy February 1st! Some see this month in just red as some like to see this month in just pink. I like to mix it up & use both colors, but for today I'm sticking with soft & subtle pinks. Seriously, how beautiful are all of these images above. Very romantic & sweet... Finished off with a grapefruit cocktail! Perfection! 

All month I hope to post happy, inspiring & positive posts! We've had so many tragic losses around us, that my heart hurts. I  really can't handle anymore negativity & sadness. I need to only be around beautiful & inspiring things. I know God puts these tragedies in front of us to challenge us to be better people & help others... or just to open our eyes up & make us realize what we're not accomplishing in life. So with that said... Lets do a few challenges all in the name of L O V E!  Hope you stick with me as I chug-a-long here! 

I challenge you to do something very very sweet today!
For Example...
Write a l o v e note.
Say, "I l o v e you" to someone.
Buy chocolates for someone random.
Give your kids extra long hugs.

Just give love to all & be aware of it...  Oh, I have another great idea, Go get some fresh pink or red flowers for your home. Set them out for all to see & enjoy with you! 

Hope you have a great day... I'm off to a rugby tournament in San Clemente this morning with Ryan. Happy Saturday! 

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