Tuesday, January 7, 2020

tuesday {truth}

Lets be real here people... Real talk in 2020

I would love to share a little story about me and how I got started in my design career! I’ll make it short and sweet!

I was finishing up my design internship with @jeffreymarksinc and was about to graduate from @sandiegostateuniversity. Like majority of students I started to panic about my future. What am I going to do? Then I had an idea!

Growing up with an entrepreneurial father and seeing his success I knew I didn’t want to work for anyone! I wanted to open up a furniture store, showcase my design style... Then get design clients from doing that. Easy right?! Yes and No! 

So I sat at the kitchen table and; discussed my idea with my parents... My father looked at me and said, OK I have a plan! You and your mom start the business together. I’ll give you $10,000. That money will be for everything. Rent, furniture, accessories... no joke, Everything! Do this for 2 years with your mom and work your tail off... We'll review everything in 2 years.

I sat at the kitchen table for a bit, got up  and said OK! I graduated and started hunting for a storefront. Found it and things were beginning to fall into place.  

2+++ years later my mom and I were having a blast and enjoying our venture together. Plus, I couldn't imagine my mom stopping and not working with me. She was more the rustic rooster storefront than me. She was 100% the rustic rooster!  

I bet you all were wondering about the $10,000 my dad gave me. Genius on his part! Now a days entrepreneurs take tons of loans out to get a business started and then have tons of debt to pay off... Such an awful cycle. They don't know how to budget, what to spend their money on wisely. They just spend and spend. Well, I didn’t and succeed. I was ahead of the game... I had a very savvy mom that was another genius with numbers. So our partnership was perfect! 

My mother and father pushed me in a way I don’t think students are pushed nowadays. I had to realize what’s important in my business. F Y I I never took a business course ever. I observed my father. That was my business school. My dad wanted to see if I truly had what it takes to do this. So I had to do the work! I had to paint the store,  I had to deliver furniture to customers, clean the storefront and office, be the best sales girl ever and much, much, more! 

Fast forward 20 years... I now work with design clients all over... and ♥️ it! I bring a classic east coast style to the west coast. I’m traditional and timeless all wrapped in one. 

I’ve realized working with a small amount of clients at a time is the key to my success. I can focus on each client without spreading myself to thin. We all can have fun and enjoy the project! 

We did close the storefront because of a few unfortunate life events, my father and grandmothers death and my divorce. Mom wanted a break to relax and I knew I needed to focus on my kids. Plus, I knew if my mom wasn't 100% in with me at work, I could handle it all on my own. So we shut everything down and I started working from home doing interior design. 

As I look back that was the best decision to do... Close the storefront and focus on my passion, interior design completely. Life is interesting... But everything does happen for a reason and is a true blessing in the long run!  

Dreams do come true if you work hard! Thanks dad for pushing me and thanks mom for being the best partner ever! If you just slow down you will see all your blessings you have!   

E-Mail: alexandra@rusticrooster.com for design inquiries in 2020

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