Wednesday, November 20, 2019

run forest run...

Want to know what I'm up too these days? Yup... Training for an "Imaginary 1/2 Marathon". You heard that right, "Imaginary 1/2 Marathon". I haven't picked on yet. I just want to see if I can tack on the miles and if my body can take running again. About 3 years ago I hurt my hip. So far so good.  No pain and no indication I need to slow down. I've been taking it slow and liking it. Yes, I've really been going slow and don't care what people think. Hey, I'm doing it and that's all that matters, especially to me! Look forward and not around you... Do things for you! Truth once you're done doing whatever you want people will notice and say, w o w you did it and wish they had done it too. So go people, go do what you want! 

I'm on week 5 and today I run 2.5 miles. If you read my post from yesterday {here}... I listen to motivational speakers off of youtube. Oprah is awesome & Les Brown is amazing too. So good... I also listen to music from Pandora and think to myself... If my dad had cancer and pushed through the pain for years... You can run 2, 3 or 4 + miles. Tough love does help! 

Any fun and easy 1/2 Marathons you recommend? Copy this training guide and jump on board with me. Sorry, I don't know where I found it... But I really do like it with my schedule  I have a feeling I got it off pinterest.

Happy WEDNESDAY everyone! 

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