Tuesday, August 6, 2019

tuesday {truth}

Last Friday afternoon tragedy hit our little beach town.  The crazy part is that it was caused by a natural accident. A beautiful family was sitting at the beach like many other families and friends... Enjoying the glorious sand and surf... When all of a sudden the bluff came crumbled down onto the beach! The impact was so big, fast and hard it killed a mother, grandmother and an aunt all from the same family. Oh my gosh! Because we do live in a small town word flies fast and you start putting all the dots together and realize you have a slight connection to the deceased and your heart aches even more! I woke up on Saturday night at 3:00 in the morning sick. So Sick that I had to walk to the bathroom to throw up. I couldn't stop thinking of the children. They're so young and innocent... Those beautiful little angels lost 3 loving and involved woman in their lives. And worst of all they had to watch as the rescue team perform CPR on all of them.  That hits me hard! How do you erase that memory from their minds. My first thought goes to... How could God do that? How could he do that to a family all at once... Why? Its awful! Anger sets in! Its not fair! Then I try to quickly ask myself... Ok God you took them for a reason... Why? To show us how to be kind, How to love in a family! How families stick together and grow together!  I have to believe God has a plan... It's crazy to even say, but he just has too! He wants us all to see what love really is and to show it to all around you. Life really is so precious... Stop what you're doing and say. I love you to who ever you can. Family, friends, your kids, your mom, dad... Show love to all! Stop fighting and hug! I pray for all that has lost a loved one. It truly hurts... The pain does stop, but you never forget. Lets all take a moment and say a pray for the family... Pray for guidance and strength to go on. 

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