Tuesday, May 14, 2019

tuesday... truth

Who would have thought... Me painting and liking it. Its fun! But I will say this, I sit down at the kitchen table and have no expectations, no rules... I have nothing, except the will to relax! I pick a subject and paint it for fun. My painting teacher said... I have something rare. A true "crazy artist" is so judgmental and picky that it can take years to finish their own paintings. Ha Well, for me it only takes me about an hour  or two and then I'm done. I'm not nitpick. I just go with the flow. I love it! So on Mothers Day I did just that... Sat down quietly and painted. Ryan played at the park and Taylor had to study for a science test. So truth is... I like to paint! 

What's your passion... Do you have one?  

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