Tuesday, December 4, 2018

he's back!

OH Mr. Jingles... I absolutely love and truly hate you all at once! I don't really remember the moment you entered into my families life, but I know you've definitely touched us all one way or another... Positive and Negative. Some nights you have scared my kids to death and others times I've caught my children talking to you with words of kindness {trying to give Santa Claus messages}!  But I do know without fail my kids look for you e v e r y  s i n g l e morning in the the month of December. I don't get a hug or kiss per usual in the am... Until Jingles is discovered.Its so cute to see this... They wonder what he's done or where he is. Some weeks he's creative others  he very still {totally forgot to move him} and stares! But now I have a helper {thank God}... Taylor has discovered that Mr. Jingles is created for little kids. She has moved out of the elf on the Shelf stage. I never told her it wasn't real, she just put two and two together on her own. Maybe friends or Instagram influenced her on it, but I still say, "If you believe then it's real and magic will still happen! Believing  with all your heart and soul will keep him alive... Forever!" I will never discourage my children in believing in Santa Claus, The Elf on the Shelf, The Easter Bunny... Or anything! I don't care if they're 21 and still believing... HaHa I hope so {wink}!  I will ask any question they have, listen so they can come up with their own discovery. I remember when I stopped believing as an older kid and to be honest with you Christmas that year was never the same for me. I was kind of sad. So I want to keep the magic alive in my house and keep their heart and soul in believing in Christmas! Happy December everyone... I hope you put a little more magic spice in this month! 

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