Friday, December 21, 2018

friday christmas f u n

How to Decorate Christmas Cookies รข€“ Simple Designs for Beginners


{image and recipe if from rustic rooster pinterest... HERE}

HOLY SMOKES these cookies are way too pretty to eat. I think If I made them I wouldn't let anyone eat them... A lot of swooshing would happen... And yes me yelling NO NO NO, Find something else to eat {get out of here}! This truly is some serious artwork. Ahhhh I would love to make these. One problem I need some piping bags and tips or something like that to paint each cookie perfectly. I think by the time I finished the cookies they either would be 1/2 eaten or so sloppy. hahaha OMG look at Santa he so cute! 

I'm game if you're game? 


Game on... Lets bake these cookies this tonight! FYI You would totally score extra brownie points with Mr. Claus!!!! 

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